Adding Ballpoint pens to the mix.

I originally designed this store to be a way to showcase my custom fountain pens that I make.  The problem is that I like to make ALOT of different things in general.  I also really enjoy making ballpoint pens.  As of today you will find an ever increasing selection of ballpoint pens that I will also offer for sale.  I can't help it,  the one thing I love about kit pens is the variety of wood that you can use to make them.  I still enjoy using acrylic and resins, but there is nothing like the feel of a wood pen in your hand.

I mentioned I enjoy making LOTS of different things.  Don't be surprised in the future if you see Pool Cues and Wood Joint Protectors for pool cues available here.  I know this may seem like I am jumping all over the place, but I also enjoy making pool cues.  The process is somewhat similar to making pens.... just on a larger scale.


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