Made some clown poop and started a pen box. 6-9-17

Today was a pretty good day in the shop.  I made a pen that looks like a piece of clown poop and I got started on a box made from walnut.

The box is being made from locally harvested air dried walnut.  The wood has a pretty cool story around it.  There was a really old walnut tree being cut down in Seward Nebraska (a town about 80 miles away from here) back in the 1970's.  A guy I know who has been a woodworker his whole life and is now in his late 80's, had the wood taken to a local mill and processed.  This guy then used the walnut on a few of his own projects and left the rest sitting in the attic of his garage.  I came along about 45 years after the tree was cut down and bought the wood from him after I helped him dig it out of his attic.  Its a rare thing in woodworking to be able to trace the wood back to the place where the original tree stood, but in this case we can do it.   This stuff is 100% air dried and has amazing color.

Doesn't look like much in this picture, but just give it time.  Its gonna look awesome when I get done with it.  I'm planning to make the box with veneered walnut burl plywood panels on top and bottom. 

Here  you can see the box in the background watching as I vacuum press the burl veneer panels.   I think I am going to do a modified French polish for a finish and also line the box in leather.  Stay tuned, I will post more pictures as the work progresses.

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